Comprehensive Eye Care

–        Comprehensive Eye Exams for all ages

–        Glaucoma testing

–        Eyeglass Prescriptions

–        Contact Lens Prescriptions

–        Pediatric Exams

–        LASIK Consultations

–        Emergency Eye Care

West Broward Eyecare Associates’ Board Certified optometric physicians provide comprehensive eye exams, fitting and dispensing of contact lenses including soft, hard, RGP, keratoconus and specialty lenses. We also oversee and manage your treatment of LASIK, cataracts and glaucoma and can treat ocular allergies, dry eye and provide management for many other ocular diseases.

At West Broward Eyecare we want nothing but the best for your vision, eye health and eye wear needs. We utilize state-of-the-art equipment throughout the entire exam to make sure you will achieve clear and comfortable vision.

Both Dr. Garmizo and Dr. Rhue are Board Certified and practice to the fullest extent of their profession. They are both experienced with ocular disease along with fitting contact lens patients even hard-to-fit contact lens patients.

West Broward Eyecare offers the newest diagnostic technology, to help aid in treating and managing eye diseases.

A detailed exam at West Broward Eyecare checks for virtually all eye-related problems such as:

–        Eyeglass Prescriptions

–        Dry Eye

–        Allergies

–        Glaucoma

–        Cataracts

–        Macular Degeneration

–        Diabetes

–        Hypertension

–        Eye-movement disorders

–        Eye focusing disorders

–        Eye infections, and much more

When you make an appointment at West Broward Eyecare, we spend the time to make sure all of your visual needs are met.

So call (954) 726-0204 for an appointment today. We specialize in what you visualize!