Contact Lenses

West Broward Eyecare custom fits every patient with contact lenses that will best suit their individual needs and lifestyles. Dr. Garmizo and Dr. Rhue both specialize in contact lens fittings and use the latest technology to aid them throughout the fitting process.

Whether it be soft spherical, soft toric lenses for astigmatism, one-day disposable, colors contact lenses, monovision correction, gas permeable, bifocal, multifocal, progressive and specialty lenses for keratoconus or other “difficult to fit” cases, West Broward Eyecare fits about every contact lens available.

For patients over 40, we offer the latest advancements in bifocal and multifocal contact lens technology so you can rid yourself from reading glasses.

Specialty Contact Lenses

–        Dry Eyes

–        Keratoconus

–        Corneal Transplants

–        Post Lasik

–        Post RK

We specialize in using unique contact lens designs in order to rehabilitate the vision of patients who have lost the ability to see with glasses (spectacle lenses) due to corneal diseases such as keratoconus, corneal injury or failed refractive surgery.

If you are a “hard to fit” case, relax and give us a call!

Leave your contact lens and contact lens fitting issues to the experts. At West Broward Eyecare, we have all the necessary equipment to determine what contact lens suits you.

Make your appointment today and find out the difference West Broward Eyecare makes. (954) 726-0204