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Spring Break 2015 is here! So what better time of the year to update your sunglasses or prescription sunwear then now! Sunglasses are one of your most important daily accessories and are not just made for the beach or pool. We live in South Florida and are exposed to the sun more than people are aware of on a daily basis.

Ultraviolet damage is cumulative over our lifetime. Most sun damage to our eyes and our skin happens between the ages of 5 and 18 years old. Sunglasses should protect 100% of UVA and UVB rays. It is also extremely important to protect your little ones eyes as well as kids don’t have the natural protection adults do. The crystalline lens acts like a filter and is what protects the retina from the ultraviolet light. Children and young adults crystalline lens is clear and does not filter UV light like an adult lens which is why they need to be utilizing sunglasses on a routine basis. It is never too early to get into the sunglasses wearing habit.

Ultraviolet damage to the eyes leads to wrinkles, cataracts, skin cancer and macular degeneration. Your sunglasses should also have a wrap to them to protect sun from entering the sides and the top of your glasses. This is why it is recommended if you wear prescription glasses that you also have a different pair of prescription sunglasses.

Did you know that when you close your eyes your eyelids only have an SPF of 5. This is another reason sunglasses should be utilized on a daily basis even if you are just taking a nap or lounging by the pool. Not only do sunglasses make you look cooler but they also serve a very functional purpose. So whether you are headed to the beach, the pool, or the park remember you sunscreen and your sunglasses! Happy Springs Break 2015!!

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