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UV Awareness Month

child with sunglasses

May is ultraviolet awareness month!

Summer is just around the corner! Are you getting ready to take a vacation or hit the beach?  Remember to protect the entire family’s eyes while you are out having fun… Even the little ones need protection. 

So what is Ultraviolet (UV) Light?  It’s high energy rays that come from the sun and are invisible to the eye.  UVA is the most damaging and known to cause aging, cataracts, damage to the retina which can lead to macular degeneration and cancers in or around the eye.  Did you know these rays can pass through glass, water and clothing?!  We also have UVB which is most known to cause sunburns, skin cancer and snow blindness.  These rays are the strongest during summer (Hmm.. “Sunshine State”) and high altitudes.

Luckily prevention is fairly simple. Protect your skin and eyes whenever you go outside.  The sun’s rays are strongest from 10am to 2pm.  You need sunglasses that are 100% UV absorbent for UVA & UVB or labeled UV400.  Wearing a brimmed hat also provides protection especially when outdoors for long periods of time. Regular dilated eye exams are important to provide early diagnosis and treatment.

So let’s remember to protect our eyes with UV protection,and keep them healthy with a healthy diet, no smoking and annual eye exams!

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