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Orthokeratology (Ortho-K) is an effective, nonsurgical way to correct myopia, or nearsightedness. The experts at West Broward Eyecare Associates in Tamarac, Florida, offer this contact lens therapy that works while you sleep. Call the office or schedule an appointment online to learn about this procedure and whether you’re a good candidate for it.

Ortho-K Q & A

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 What is ortho-k?

Ortho-K involves fitting you for specially designed contact lenses that you wear overnight. The gas permeable lenses work while you sleep, gently reshaping the front surface of your eye. When you awaken the next morning after wearing the lenses, you can see clearly.

The lenses are scientifically developed to fit over the cornea and shift its shape. Many different brands of these lenses are available.

Who is prescribed ortho-k lenses?

Ortho-K lenses have two primary purposes. They:

  • Correct nearsightedness and some cases of astigmatism, hyperopia, and presbyopia
  • Slow the progression of childhood nearsightedness

Only approved lenses prescribed by the experts at West Broward Eyecare Associates should be used in this treatment.

Who is a good candidate for ortho-k lenses?

Anyone who doesn’t want to wear glasses but isn’t old enough or ready to commit to LASIK surgery could be a good candidate for Ortho-K. Those who participate in contact sports or who work in environments with dust or chemicals that negatively affect daily wear contact lenses are good candidates, too.

How long do ortho-k improvements in vision last?

Ortho-K can correct your vision for at least a day or two, and often longer. The team at West Broward Eyecare Associates recommends that you wear the contacts every night to get the best results. The treatment is best for those with mild-to-moderate myopia, with or without mild astigmatism.

The corneal reshaping effect is temporary, and you can choose not to wear the lenses at any time. Know, however, that you’ll need other corrective lenses when your myopia returns.

What is the process of getting ortho-k lenses?

The doctors first measure the curvature of each cornea. You may have your particular fit available for the same day, or the doctors may need to order them for a fitting at a later appointment. 

You may need to try several different lenses to reach the desired vision correction. Usually, it takes about three pairs to find the right fit and vision results.

When will I see the results of Ortho-K?

Some people see results as soon as a day or two after first wearing the Ortho-K lenses overnight. If you have a greater degree of myopia, it may take up to a week to experience the change you need and want.

To find out more about Ortho-K and myopia correction, call West Broward Eyecare Associates or schedule an appointment using the online tool.