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Digital Eye Strain or “Computer Vision Syndrome”

Digital eye strain or “Computer Vision Syndrome” These days nearly every career requires a significant amount of hours working on the computer. The pandemic has pushed more people to work from home, oftentimes leading to a new workspace and therefore new complaints about digital eye strain. Common complaints Eyes feel tired or strained Vision gets […]

How young is too young for Contact lenses?

How young is too young for Contact lenses? Contact lenses are a medical device regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) which are regularly used by eyecare professionals to correct vision. Many parents inquire as to what age children can start wearing contact lenses, and there is no exact answer to this question. The […]

What is pink eye?

The term “pink eye” is commonly used to describe any red eyes. It should be used to describe a viral conjunctivitis but is often confused for bacterial conjunctivitis, allergic conjunctivitis, or other common causes of red eyes. Causes of pink or red eyes: Viral conjunctivitis: a viral infection in or around your eyes is causing your […]

What options do I have for dry eyes?

What options do I have for dry eyes? Dry eyes can be due to a variety of reasons including not blinking often enough, side effects of medications, changes in hormones, seasonal weather variations, or other systemic diseases. Some symptoms often associated with dryness include: Irritated, gritty feeling Burning or stinging sensation Mild pain Excessive tearing […]

How Ortho-k Improves Your Sight As You Sleep

Some 12 million people over age 40 in the US have some vision impairment, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and nearly 7% of kids have a diagnosed eye condition. If you’ve dreamed of having better vision, dislike wearing glasses or contacts, or have learned that LASIK isn’t your best bet, you may […]

How does COVID-19 affect the eyes?

How does COVID-19 affect the eyes? Much has been talked about regarding the wide variety of symptoms associated with the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). While we are still learning about the various systems in our body that can be affected, we are just beginning to understand how the disease affects the eyes. Recent research has […]

Is this an Eye Emergency?

Many patients wonder what eye problems are considered emergencies and which can wait to be evaluated. Some of our patients may require a visit to the Emergency room while others can be treated at your eye doctor’s office. There are multiple very serious causes of visual changes or symptoms that you can experience which is […]