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Tips for Lens fogging and Mask-associated Dry Eyes

The pandemic has brought a wide range of changes to our everyday life and new challenges for our patients to overcome. The necessity to wearing masks to reduce the spread of COVID has created entirely new problems for our eyes and vision. 

Lens fogging: 

As you may know by this point, the use of masks to avoid transmission of respiratory particles during this pandemic is essential. Conversely, breathing out warm air and droplets which can no longer disperse in the air are often directed upward towards the eyes. The water vapor in the breath condenses on the cooler surface of the lenses leading to a blurry image (think of the shower door steaming up). 

Ways to reduce lens fogging: 

Mask-associated Dry Eyes

Eye doctors were already aware that regular air blowing on the eyes tends to dry them out more frequently. We have regularly seen cases where car air conditioning vents pointed towards the eyes, overhead fans, and continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machines cause dryness. If all day long we are breathing out into a mask that is preventing the air from dissipating into the air, oftentimes the air seeps out the top of the mask leading to dryness. 

Ways to deal with Mask associated dry eye:

Dr. Sara Rasekhi Dr. Sara Rasekhi Optometric Physician at West Broward Eyecare Associates

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