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Around 45 million Americans wear contact lenses to see clearly. If you’re interested in contact lenses or need a new prescription, contact the team at West Broward Eyecare Associates in Tamarac, Florida. They offer comprehensive contact lens exams and a variety of different types of lenses to correct most refractive errors. Call West Broward Eyecare Associates or schedule an exam online today.

Contact Lenses Q & A

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 What types of contact lenses are available?

West Broward Eyecare Associates provides a wide variety of contact lens types and brands. Most Americans wear disposable soft contact lenses, but you have many other options to consider. 


Soft contact lenses are made from flexible plastic and are designed to cover your pupil and iris. Depending on your vision needs, your optometrist can recommend a variety of soft contact lens options including 

  • Daily wear lenses that you take out at night 
  • Extended wear contact lenses that you can wear while you sleep
  • Toric lenses that are slightly weighted to stay in the proper position to correct astigmatism 

Most soft contact lenses are disposable, which means that you replace them every day, week, or month. 

Gas permeable

Sometimes called hard contact lenses, gas permeable contacts are made from rigid plastic. They have a smaller diameter than soft contacts and usually offer the clearest vision. You might find gas permeable lenses more difficult to get used to wearing. 


If you need bifocal or multifocal glasses, your optometrist can prescribe multifocal lenses that include different prescriptions that allow you to see clearly both at a distance and close up.


West Broward Eyecare Associates also offers scleral lenses to treat keratoconus. Keratoconus is a condition that causes an irregular cornea shape. Scleral contact lenses are gas permeable lenses with a slightly larger diameter. They cover your pupil, iris, and part of your sclera — the white part of your eye — and correct distortion caused by an abnormal cornea. 

What are the benefits of contact lenses?

Some patients prefer contact lenses because they don’t like the look of glasses, or feel like they get in the way. Contact lenses rest directly on your eyes, so they don’t interfere when you’re physically active. Contacts also provide a full field of vision without gaps like glasses. Also, they’re not affected by temperature or weather changes.

How do I know if contact lenses are right for me?

The team at West Broward Eyecare Associates provides comprehensive eye exams and can answer any questions you have about contact lenses. Today, contacts are available to correct almost all refractive errors. 

Call the practice or make an appointment online today to find out if contact lenses are right for you.