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Is this an Eye Emergency?

Many patients wonder what eye problems are considered emergencies and which can wait to be evaluated. Some of our patients may require a visit to the Emergency room while others can be treated at your eye doctor’s office. 

There are multiple very serious causes of visual changes or symptoms that you can experience which is why it is important for us to review. 

Emergency Eye Problems

*Any of these symptoms require immediate attention or an emergency room visit. 

Urgent Eye Problems

*Urgent symptoms may or may not require an urgent visit to the eye doctor. It is best to call the office and discuss your symptoms to determine the best course of action. 

This list does not include every symptom that requires an urgent or emergency visit. If you feel like something significant changed in your eyes or vision, either contact your doctors office or visit the emergency room. There is no risk in being evaluated, but waiting could possibly lead to damage or vision loss. 


If you feel like you have an urgent or emergent problem, contact our office at 954-726-0204.

Dr. Gustavo Garmizo, FAAO Dr. Gustavo Garmizo, FAAO Board Certified Optometric Physician at West Broward Eyecare Associates

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